BioMed DTP PhD Studentship – University of Exeter | October 2023

BioMed DTP PhD program at the University of Exeter for the 2024/2025 entry is now open for doctoral research positions in biological sciences. The program offers up to 22 funded studentships across various biomedical disciplines, starting October 2024.

GW4 BioMed2 Doctoral Training Partnership

To create the next generation of biomedical researchers, a cooperation between the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff (the principal institution), and Exeter has been formed. Students will have access to the resources, training know-how, and combined research strengths of the four research-intensive universities. In its first phase, the DTP has already offered over 90 studentships across six cohorts, and its second phase will provide 38 students over two cohorts.

Project Info


Infection, Immunity, Antimicrobial Resistance & Repair

Summary of project

To coordinate cell behaviour remotely, cells use a language of chemical signals. They have demonstrated the transmission of Wnt signals between dissimilar cells using signalling protrusions, namely cytonemes. Also found that the enlarged cytoneme network in gastric cancer is closely related to the expansion of the tumor. This research will investigate the significance of cytoneme-mediated, paracrine Wnt signaling trafficking in three dimensions using cancer cell assays and xenograft technologies.

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Primary objective

Characterisation of signalling cytonemes in extracellular Wnt protein transport during gastric cancer.


Through the GW4BioMed2 MRC Doctoral Training Partnership, this studentship is funded. It comprises of tuition fees paid in the United Kingdom and a stipend for doctoral study equal to the UK Research Council National Minimum (£18,622 a year for 2023–24, revised annually). Additional research training and support funding of up to £5,000 per annum is also available.

Entry Requirements and Qualifications

  1. A first- or upper-second-class UK honours degree, or an equivalent qualification achieved outside of the UK, in a relevant field of the medical sciences, computers, mathematics, or the physical sciences, must have been earned or be on the verge of being earned by applicants for a studentship.
  2. English language requirements according to universities. More details on the official website

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