At the RIKEN Centre for Integrative Medical Sciences in Japan, researchers under the direction of Hiroshi Ohno have found a connection between gut microbiota and the effectiveness of oral immunotherapy for milk allergies. The study, which was published in the scholarly journal Allergology International, discovered a link between a higher […]

Immunoglobulins The glycoproteins produced by B-lymphocytes effector cells or plasma cells against specific antigens are known as Immunoglobulins or Antibodies. Antibodies are made up of multiple immunoglobulin domains that are composed of a polypeptide chain that folds into a series of antiparallel β-pleated strands and these strands are arranged into […]

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, commonly known as ELISA or EIA, a technique that depends on an enzyme. Both antigens as well as antibody can be detected by conjugating an enzyme with an antibody that reacts with a colourless substrate but generate a colour reaction. The colourless substrate that generates colour upon […]