FDA approves Pfizer’s pneumococcal vaccines for children and infants

Pfizer, Team, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

FDA approves Pfizer’s new pneumococcal vaccines for children and infants on 27th April. The vaccine called Prevenar 20 was made for using against 20 different rate of bacteria. The adult version of the vaccine Prevenar 13 was approved for adults earlier.

It is rival against Merck & Co’s vaccine which got approval in . This newly approved vaccine can replace  the old Merck & Co’s 1983 vaccine Prevenar 13. This new approval was based on the comparison with Prevenar 13 to Prevenar 20. On August 2022 the company confirmed phase 3 trail success. Immune response after the second and third dose of vaccine was observed in the trials. 


Source: BioPharma Drive

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