Source: University of Cambridge Research News | Creative Commons CC An international team of researchers has demonstrated that injecting a particular kind of stem cell into the brains of people with progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) is safe, well-tolerated, and has a long-lasting impact that seems to shield the brain from further injury. […]

With the advancement of stem cell technology and 3D printing, researchers at the University of Oxford developed a 3D printing method for the purpose of repairing brain injuries. It was initially tested in mouse brain fragments, to this the implant was attached. These implants then got integrated with the mouse brain fragments. This newly developed technology can be used for curing lethal brain injuries.

The study of stem cells has produced more enthusiasm and promise than any other discovery in the field of regenerative medicine. The amazing capacity of stem cells to differentiate into multiple cell types within the body makes them essential for healing and replacing harmed or sick tissues. In this article, […]