PhD Studentship in Biomedical and Clinical Sciences – The University of Queensland, Australia – January 2024

Research Title

Characterize the Role of The Neurokinin 3 Receptor in the Pathophysiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Research Description

The catastrophic symptoms that define autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are believed to arise from disruption of the activity of interneurons, cells that are essential for neural circuit function. However, little is understood about the molecular processes governing interneuron electrical activity in ASD. The Neurokinin 3 receptor (NK3R), which we have identified as a critical regulator of interneuron growth, would be the main topic of the planned PhD study. According to our research, in wild-type mice, precise regulation of NK3R activity during brain maturation significantly changes adult function and causes symptoms resembling ASD. We demonstrate that the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain connected to the main symptoms of ASD, has a markedly altered pattern of NK3R expression.

The potential of NK3R and associated pathways as a novel target for treating ASD symptoms will be further explored in this PhD study. To properly describe how the NK3R activity in cortical interneurons drives brain function and behaviour, it will mix electrophysiology, imaging, genetics, and molecular biology. By discovering the fundamental cellular and molecular foundations of neural malfunction leading to subsequent behavioural deficiencies, this study will provide fresh insights into identifying and using neurobiological targets suitable for therapeutic intervention.


  • Living stipend of $33,641 per annum tax-free (2024 rate), indexed annually;
  • your tuition fees covered;
  • single overseas student health cover (OSHC).

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Educational Background


  • previous academic record
  • employment history
  • honours and awards
  • publication record.

For someone working on this topic, a working knowledge of molecular biology, pharmacology, genetics, and/or neurology would be beneficial.

You will exhibit academic proficiency in the neuroscience field.

It is extremely beneficial to have some background or understanding in molecular and/or cellular biology.

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