Biology is the general study of all living organisms. It includes everything from global processes at the level of ecosystems to molecular and cellular activities. There are several sub-disciplines and specializations within the field. Many of these specializations, from molecular biology to applied ecology, from viruses and single cells to […]

PROHITS, a European MSCA Doctoral Network initiative, is offering these positions. The goal of PROHITS’ multidisciplinary research is to integrate computational and experimental methods to resolve the proteome of prokaryotes at the single-cell level across a range of temperatures. This will help them better understand the biology of thermophiles and […]

Research Title Characterize the Role of The Neurokinin 3 Receptor in the Pathophysiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Research Description The catastrophic symptoms that define autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are believed to arise from disruption of the activity of interneurons, cells that are essential for neural circuit function. However, little is […]